Germany ...

     Hitler's Germany can be considered the first country to officially legalize prostitution. Prostitutes receive salaries, insurance, had certain privileges, and if (God forbid ) the Third Reich lasted another 30 years, then deservedly got to retire as combatants.

      When, during the Second World War, some German battleship moored in the French port of Brest, in the brothels of the German occupiers began intensive work. Women " were just lying between the rooms . There was no more toilet stalls, lingerie, flirting and seduction, they just bullied skirts to them for the night pierced five dozen pistons. " Such words we can find in his autobiographical novel by Lothar Günther Buhhaymsa " Boat ".


From the history of Japanese courtesans ( melting, oiran ).



     Ty (太 夫) - Japanese courtesan, but not simple, and gold , high- grade, Queen among his own kind. When the actual sex in last place, and the first comes the art of communication and seduction. Only melt was entitled to refuse a client in sex, if something does not suit. And the amount of gold paid by the client for its services, plays no role. Speaking honestly and frankly, that such waiver is sometimes costly melting. But to pay for everything, including, and freedom of choice. Often say that the melt are found only in Kyoto and Osaka, the largest after the old Edo and culture centers, and prostitution. And in the Edo period in the most famous quarter Yoshivara hunt wealthy samurai engaged oiran (花魁). For many (and even for many Japanese ) there is generally no difference between oiran and melting, and the most common thing found on the internet image, where the image is written melting " oiran " or vice versa. The fact, however, that oiran of Tokyo ( Edo ) and melting of Kyoto (and Osaka ) there are only about two hundred years. But before ...


Brothels in Moscow before the revolution.

    Until the mid- 18th-century customs in Russia were very strict. Though women were selling at all times, but the phenomenon of the city had, as it could, and different methods. There were secret brothels, as now, as in the USSR. Demi-monde controlled by nobody, under threat of contracting sexually transmitted diseases were officers polzuyuschesya services brothels. This prompted the government to issue a decree in 1843 that legalized prostitution.


Blowjob. Common Errors.

    " Oral " translated from French as " cat ". Its synonyms - " penilinktsiya " and " fallatorizm " - harder perceived by the ear and not so nice sound, so blow for us the more familiar word for oral sex, which is contained in the penis arousal mouth, lips and tongue. His most commonly used to enhance erection partner before intercourse, but sometimes blow, can act as an independent form of sexual intercourse in order to get an orgasm.


Men in bed bugs.

    What man does not dream of a harmonious relationship with his beloved? In order to make the dream come true, equivalent required both physical and spiritual closeness. If in spiritual communion enough to listen to your heart, then the physical component is not so simple. Here is some of the most 'popular' errors perpetrated by men " love " bed.

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